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Market Information Service

The trading platform is a great Market Information Tool that can satisfy some of the most rigorous demands of any professional analyst, investor or trader because it provides the client with the ability to watch currency exchange market movements in real time and around the clock. Historical Forex rates are presented in a form of 5min, 15min, 60min, and daily charts. Because no Forex trader can hope to successfully trade the currency market without economic and financial news that may affect the exchange rates, pertinent new data is added every day. Lastly, another necessity for successful currency trading is technical analysis. The trading platform incorporates a vast number of technical analysis instruments from trend-lines drawing to many popular studies. 

Learning Center

Before opening a real account you should take the opportunity to trade currency on a demo account any time you want 24 hours a day.

Trading Online System

The main feature of trading platform is the opportunity to trade Forex online on a 24 hour a day basis. Right on your own screen a trader can order either a price at the market or place a limit order, can specify both limit and stop orders, can change those orders while already in the market. But apart from the obvious advantages of online trading as a service, the terms of the trading service itself available to traders and investors is one of a kind. First, you only need $2,000 to open an account. The leverage you can enjoy on day trades is 100 to 1. Leverage without proper risk management, this high degree of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains. You receive a market spread as low as 2 pips depending on market conditions.

Trading online is being improved constantly: both the technological aspect as well as service. An expansion of tradable currencies, lowering the required minimums to open an account, extension of trading hours to 7 days a week, are just some of the exciting planned improvements. 

Automated Back-Office System

We are sure that you and your customers will appreciate the convenience and the friendliness of the trading platform when utilizing another great feature of it: online, real-time accounting and reporting. 100% paperless accounting and reporting facility. And from the perspective of a firm-owner, the trading platform is an automated Back-Office System. When an ordered position is confirmed, a trader immediately sees it displayed. As the market continues to move, the system automatically calculates the profit or loss both in number of points and US dollars. Since no additional confirmations, account balance statements or equity runs are needed, any report is available in real time to both the investor and/or the money manager. This service saves a tremendous amount of time and money. It is simple and efficient. 

Investment Service

The trading potential in the Foreign Currency Exchange Market can and does attract plenty of investors. Trading currencies is very risky and you may lose all or some of your investment. The trading platform offers potential investors an array of professional managers' trading styles, profit objectives and risk tolerance levels. On the other hand, Global Forex is constantly looking for Forex money managers with good track records, and is willing to promote their services worldwide through the "Investment in Forex" Section. Another natural event that we have observed taking place through trading activities is the large number of individual traders who become highly successful, money managers.


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