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Forex Trading Platform

We are proud to present what we consider a revolutionary dealing platform that not only represents the cutting edge of technology, but that we feel is poised to transform traditional notions of Forex trading. We anticipate that this new system will provide constant liquidity to the market enabling traders to freely enter or exit trades.

System Requirements
  1. Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, or Vista suggested
  2. Wireless internet connections do not provide a consistent uninterrupted flow of data between your professional FX Trading Station and our Trading Desk. A physical internet connection is highly recommended.
  3. Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
  4. Processor: 300MHz Pentium (600MHz or higher suggested)
  5. RAM: 128 MB (256 MB or higher suggested)
  6. Hard Drive: 60 MB of free space

Important Material:

User Guide - Detailed description of how to use the new system.

The main screen appears after the trader logs into the online trading platform. All vital information about the trader’s account is visible on the main screen, including active orders, open positions, and available margin.

Live quotes in 17 currency pair appear in the Dealing Rates window. Traders are able to execute trades directly from the displayed quotes. To place a market order, the trader clicks with the left mouse button on desired rate. If the trader believes that the exchange rate will become greater, then the trader would click on the BUY exchange rate located to the right of the SELL exchange rate. On the other hand, the trader can click on the SELL exchange rate in expectation of the rate moving lower. In foreign exchange, there are no restrictions on short selling.

Trader is about to place an order to buy euros at the exchange rate of 0.8574

After a trader clicks with the left mouse button on an exchange rate, the Market Order box appears. The trader specifies the size of trade, inputting the currency pair, whether to BUY or Sell, and the number of dollars. The trader must maintain $1,000 in margin for every increment of 100,000.  For example, if the trader has 500,000 in open positions, the trader would have $5,000 in used margin. The trader can send the order for execution by pressing OK or can CANCEL the order.

Trader has input the amount of trade, 100,000, which is 100,000 euros.


Within seconds, a confirmation of the execution will appear in the Open Positions Window. Each open position has a unique ticket number and appears on a separate line. Detailed information is displayed on each position, including up to the second P/L in terms of pips.. Traders can place through the Open Positions Window  Stop/Loss and Limit Orders on each individual position. To place a Stop/Loss or limit order, the traders click with left mouse button on the box that appears under the Stop or Limit columns.

Trader has received confirmation that the order to buy 100,000 euros at 0.8575 has been executed.

A Stop/Limit box will appear. The trader will then set the desired rate for Stop/Loss or Limit/Orders. Once the market hits the limit exchange rate or moves through the Stop-Loss exchange rate, the position will be closed. If the trader has set both a Stop/Loss and Limit Order on a position, the execution of one of the orders will cancel the other order.

Trader is placing a stop-loss order at 0.8500 and limit order at 0.8600 on the 100,000 euro position.

To close a position, the trader clicks with the left mouse button on the exchange rate under the Close column in the Open Positions Window. The Close Position Window will appear giving the trader the opportunity to a close part or the entire position. After the trader clicks on OK, the information in Open Positions window will be modified.

Trader is taking a profit on the 100,000 Euro position by selling at 0.8645 and making $700.00 on the trade.


Vital information including account equity, balance, and usable margin is displayed in Account Information window. All information is updated in real-time based on the market exchange rates, enabling the trader to quickly and accurately assess the status of the account.

After taking profits, the (account) Balance and Usable Margin increase. The Used Margin decreases.


Without proper risk management, this high degree of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.

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