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Euro & Pound Accounts

Don't Want to Hold Funds in USD?
Accounts offered - GBP, EUR, and JPY denominated accounts!

You can choose the base currency for your deposits. Where most firms offer the option of sending funds in the currency of your choice, they will only let you hold your account equity in one currency. For UK firms, they make you hold funds in pounds. With US Firms, they will convert your funds in dollars.

The currency you chose to hold account equity will serve as the base currency for your account. Account Equity, P/L, Margin, Interest will all be denominated in the base currency you chose. You can choose to have the account denominated in the base currency of your native country or keep your funds in a currency that will experience long-term appreciation.


Why Trade a Non-USD Denominated Account?
Convenience & Savings - European and Asian clients no longer have to convert currency into US dollars in order to trade. The cost of converting funds into USD and then back into one's native currency can be very costly. Conversion rates are often 40 to 100 pips off the market! By opening an account denominated in one's native currency, conversions can be avoided, saving clients hundreds of pounds or euros, or thousands of yen.

Long-Term Speculative View - Opening an account in GBP, EUR, or JPY enables traders to benefit from long-term appreciation of their account's base currency. If GBP, EUR, or JPY is not your native currency you can still place non-leveraged currency trade by opening a foreign currency denominated account. If the currency of the account appreciates, traders can realize gains when converting funds back into their native currency.

Dealing Details:

  • Standard trade size 10,000 units

  • Margin requirement is fixed at 50 units of the account's base currency per lot. This high degree of leverage should be used judiciously as it can lead to large losses as well as gains.

  • Euro/ Great Britain Pound (10,000 Euros)

  • GBP denominated accounts have access to three additional currency pairs: GBP/CAD (15 pip spread), GBP/AUD (15 pip spread) and GBP/NZD (30 pip spread)

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