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Dealing Services

A. Premier Dealing for Investment Institutions

The Interbank forex market has been long developed through commercial and investment banks throughout the world. So what sort of a value can the dealing service possibly add to your organization's or your personal needs when investing/trading in Foreign Exchange?

We can think of only a two-word answer: Better value.

We feel that internet based dealing online Forex system is convenient, efficient and makes your dealing extremely affordable (while not compromising your style and procedures of market analysis and risk management). In our opinion, these things together along with our approach and attitude towards the business create better value for you.

We belive that Global Forex has helped established a strong position in changing the world of currency markets and we feel that it is poised to become a leading force in the global investment industry of the 21st Century.

B. Pioneering the Retail Forex

In the foundation of the Global Forex success lies the superb work of the companies' dealers and professionals. This team has played an important role in allowing the company to developing Forex applications for the mass population of investors and traders.

Global Forex has implemented RERIMS -- a Retail Risk Management System that seeks to allow individual traders to efficiently participate in primarily institutional markets like the Foreign Currency Exchange Network.

Essentially, RERIMS aims to be a great equalizer, whose objective is to allow a substantially smaller market participant to obtain the same currency price and at the same cost (market spread) that is normally available to only institutional players.

A leader in providing retail Forex participants with the tools they need to trade is Global Forex's dearest objective.



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